Feel confident about towing your caravan


If you are planning a caravan holiday from your base in Fareham and Hampshire, make sure you have the necessary knowledge and skills to tow with confidence. For a comprehensive training course on trailer handling and awareness, get in touch with Hitch & Tow Training Ltd.

Our trailer driver training services include handling and awareness training, corporate duty of care and trailer reversing lessons. These courses can be taken by individuals, companies or groups who require towing expertise for trailers, boats, horse boxes, plant equipment, exhibition units, catering outfits and so on.

We will provide you with detailed knowledge of how to conduct daily trailer checks, health and safety of the trailer, driving rules, trailer weights, checking driving licences and more.

To get trained on safe handling and towing of caravans and trailers,
contact Hitch & Tow Training Ltd in Fareham on

0330 660 0976


Whether you are planning to tow a caravan for the first time, or moving to a larger caravan, our caravan towing course in addition to trailer handling can help you get on the road with ease and confidence. Hitch & Tow Training Ltd will structure your training based on your specific skill level and requirements so that you can get the best possible learning experience with us.

Here is what our one-day course can generally cover:

  • Safe loading of a caravan
  • Safe hitching and un-hitching
  • Towing laws
  • Stabilisers, stability and snaking
  • Weights – meaning and restrictions
  • Outfit matching and nose weights
  • Weather and road conditions
  • Reversing techniques
  • Procedures for road driving

    If you are a beginner, you can choose from 2 comprehensive courses on caravan towing training courses:
    Day caravan course (5 hours)
    2 and 1/2 hour reversing course