Driver training by an experienced instructor
in Fareham


Completing additional driving training can be for vocational or personal reasons and Ian at Hitch & Tow Ltd is happy to tailor a course to suit your specific requirements.

Ian is an ex-military instructor with a strong and commendable background in logistics. His experience in various types of vehicles and driving styles include:

  • Defensive driving
  • Blue light training
  • Cross country driving
  • Skid car and more
  • Ian is a class one driver and possesses first hand experience in towing trailer training, caravan courses and CPC courses.

    To learn advanced levels of manoeuvrability and safety awareness while driving a trailer or an ambulance, please contact Hitch & Tow Training Ltd on

    0330 660 0976


    Hitch & Tow Training Ltd is a reputable driver training company specialising in trailer and other large goods vehicle courses. We will not only help you learn the recognised techniques and safety rules, but also ensure you receive the best learning experience possible so that you can attend your driving test with confidence.
    With our tailored courses, we can focus on your specific areas of concern and help you complete your driving test successfully.
    So if you are anywhere in Fareham, Hampshire, Southampton or Portsmouth, please give us a call to book your training.