Well-planned courses to help you pass your driving test


If you need a trailer licence for your job, let Hitch & Tow Training Ltd prepare you for the trailer driving test. Our training courses are carefully devised to help you gain the expertise and confidence needed to pass your test.
When you book your training with us, you will get one on one driver training for an excellent learning experience.

With over 24 years of experience in driving and conducting trainings for various kinds of vehicles, our accomplished instructor is fully equipped to provide you with an outstanding course to suit your requirements. Located in Fareham, with easy access to both Southampton and Portsmouth, contact us today to find out more.

Choose from the courses provided by Hitch & Tow Training Ltd, Fareham, to help you take the driving test successfully. Call

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Let us prepare you for your upcoming driving test and help you pass the test the first time. From learning to drive a car to manoeuvring a caravan on a busy highway, we will teach you the techniques in theory and practical, so that you can get on the road with confidence.

Our courses include:

  • B+E (car and trailer) driver training
  • LGV C1 ambulance driver training
  • LGV C1 (3500 – 7500kg)
  • C1+E training to drive any rigid vehicle (truck and trailer)
  • Trailer handling training
  • Safety awareness training
  • Road towing laws
  • PCV D1 Minibus driving courses
  • Caravan driving and manoeuvring
  • Trailer reversing training